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Demi Lovato gets inspirational on Instagram

Demi Lovato, the US pop singer, got candid as well as inspirational in her new Instagram post that is directed at her fans – known as Lovatics. In a detailed and very long Instagram caption, Demi Lovato wrote to her rooters that she had been clung in traffic and she became very annoyed at how long it would take her to get home.

But after some inner talking, Lovato came to realize that she was lucky to be alive and that she was not involved in the car accident which was responsible for holding up the traffic. The singer wrote on her Instagram page: “Sometimes we have to change our perspectives and just simply accept whatever is thrown our way and truly appreciate the life we have been given today no matter how bad difficult it may be,” Read more »

Janey Cutler – Britain’s Got Talent 2010 – Auditions Week 4

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Q&A with Dr. Jamie Chriqui

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Justin Timberlake and Usher Feature in Back-to-Back Concerts in Dallas

The biggest male dancing-pop stars are bringing their personal tours to the AAC or American Airlines Center on December 3 and December 4.

This is the rare opportunity for music listeners in Dallas to witness the stylistic successors of Michael Jackson in an interval of 24 hours. Justin Timberlake will provide an additional performance of his 20/20 Experience Tour on December 3. Dallas will witness Usher Raymond’s performance as he brings his UR Experience Tour on December 4. Both these stars have nearly spent 2 decades in showbiz.

Timberlake’s time with Mickey Mouse Club had trained him to become a professional showman and it gave him the required skills to keep pace with other professionals on SNL. He had an unpredictable movie career. Some of his notable projects include Inside Llewyn Davis, Alpha Dog, and The Social Network. On the contrary, Usher hasn’t been seen frequently on big screen. Apart from his roles in youth-targeted movies such as The Faculty and In The Mix, the pop star has mostly appeared in cameos.

Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Tour has travelled the world for about a year. It has already hit the AAC once. This production includes a moving stage that enables the singer to move close to the fans; a group of dancers; and the large band Tennessee Kids. Usher has launched his UR Experience Tour last month. It is loosely related with his forthcoming album whose release date hasn’t been scheduled. However, this isn’t an issue for the fans, who scream at the mention of this talented pop star. The previous videos and reviews promise a line of smashing hits that feature outstanding choreography throughout.

Russell Crowe audition for Les Miserables

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It’s the Learning, Stupid | Jamie P. Merisotis, President, Lumina Foundation for Education

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