HD/HQ Natalie Okri – sings Jamielia Superstar – Britains Got Talent 2009 Semi Final Show 1 Season 3

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Britney Spears would love to marry again, reports

When it comes to love  Britney Spears did not have the greatest luck. She is already divorced two times. Still she is not ruling out another marriage. Recently, while speaking to a leading magazine she told that she would love to get married again.

In her exclusive cover story, the singer told that she believes in fairy tales and she would love to tie the knot again. As of now she and her producer Charlie Ebersol, her boyfriend of six months, are taking things all slow, but the singer has a general idea what they would do in time to come.

She added that she is not really the person who can tell what it takes to get married. But for her it is all about loving each other  being honest and respectful to each other. It takes two people just loving each other a lot.

She also acknowledged that she is not an expert when it come to matters of the heart. She believes that love is hard one. She does not understand love as far as relationships. With her kids, it is just unconditional and that is hard to find. Read more »

Aidan Davis – Britains Got Talent 2009 Audition 6

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Voices of Joy at Evan.Pugh & The Pugh Singers

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Demi Lovato gets inspirational on Instagram

Demi Lovato, the US pop singer, got candid as well as inspirational in her new Instagram post that is directed at her fans – known as Lovatics. In a detailed and very long Instagram caption, Demi Lovato wrote to her rooters that she had been clung in traffic and she became very annoyed at how long it would take her to get home.

But after some inner talking, Lovato came to realize that she was lucky to be alive and that she was not involved in the car accident which was responsible for holding up the traffic. The singer wrote on her Instagram page: “Sometimes we have to change our perspectives and just simply accept whatever is thrown our way and truly appreciate the life we have been given today no matter how bad difficult it may be,” Read more »

Janey Cutler – Britain’s Got Talent 2010 – Auditions Week 4

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